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    UPS for POS Machine

    UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is an essential device for backing up electricity to electrical devices or computers for a certain period. This is crucial for saving your data in time before a power failure leads to data loss. Additionally, it enables the computer to operate efficiently, extends the lifespan of various hardware components, and is particularly important for devices like SSDs in POS Computers that are crucial for operation. When issues such as voltage drops, power outages, surges, or spikes occur, a UPS helps by providing backup power, ensuring that the devices continue to function efficiently.

    What's inside a UPS?

    • Battery: Stores backup electricity for emergency use.
    • Battery Charger: Converts Alternating Current (AC) from the household power into Direct Current (DC) and stores it in the battery.
    • Power Inverter: Converts the stored DC power back to AC to supply the computer.
    • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Regulates and maintains a constant voltage level.

    The most suitable UPS for a POS Computer or household devices is the On-Line Protection UPS. This type of UPS, which includes a stabilizer for high or low voltage protection, doesn't just draw power from the battery. It reserves battery power for essential use only and is the most popular type due to its effectiveness.

    This UPS is ideal for areas with significant voltage fluctuations, such as Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia. However, it may not be suitable for electrical devices that are highly sensitive to power quality, such as medical equipment and factory machinery. It includes an Automatic Voltage Regulator (Stabilizer) to prevent over-voltage and under-voltage issues. Some electrical noise that doesn't harm electrical devices can still pass through to the devices.