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    Mifare card

    MIFARE card is a type of contactless smart card or proximity card used in a variety of applications, including public transportation, access control, school and university campuses, and for payment systems. Developed by NXP Semiconductors, MIFARE cards operate at the 13.56 MHz frequency and use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to enable communication between the card and a reader without physical contact.

    MIFARE is a platform that includes several families of chips and cards, each designed for different levels of security, memory capacity, and distance range for communication. Some of the most popular types include:

    • MIFARE Classic: One of the earliest and most widely used, featuring simple security mechanisms and typically used for basic applications such as public transport ticketing or access control systems.
    • MIFARE Plus: Offers enhanced security features compared to MIFARE Classic, including AES encryption for secure data transactions.
    • MIFARE DESFire: Designed for applications that require more advanced security and data integrity. It supports multiple applications on a single card and offers AES, DES, and 3DES for encryption.
    • MIFARE Ultralight: A cost-effective solution with limited memory, ideal for single-use or disposable tickets in public transport and event ticketing.

    Each type of MIFARE card contains an integrated circuit (IC) chip that stores data and communicates with readers using near-field communication (NFC) technology. The cards are powered by the reader's electromagnetic field, meaning they do not require a power source of their own.

    MIFARE's widespread adoption can be attributed to its ease of use, the security it offers, and the flexibility of its technology, which supports a wide range of applications beyond those initially intended.

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    Picture of HID CARD Mifare 1K Mifare S50 บัตรพลาสติกสำหรับพิมพ์

    HID CARD Mifare 1K Mifare S50 บัตรพลาสติกสำหรับพิมพ์

    HID's Proximity and FlexSmart® MIFARE contactless smart card combines smart card technology with the benefits of HID's proven proximity smart card technology. The contactless proximity smart card can be used for diverse applications such as access control, cashless vending, public transportation, event ticketing, customer loyalty and photo ID cards. Securely separated sectors enable multiple applications and support future growth. Different keys can protect read/write operations to build key hierarchies in the system.
    THB19.00 incl vat