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    ATM Slip Thermal Paper

    Thermal paper, also known as thermosensitive paper, is paper coated with a chemical that reacts to heat from a thermal printer's print head, causing the chemical to change color and produce text, images, or graphics. This type of paper is often mistaken as having ink embedded within it. Initially popularized for fax machines, it's now widely used for various applications such as receipts in retail stores, ATM slips, credit card receipts, queue tickets, parking tickets, utility bills, and even as boarding passes for airlines. Thermal paper comes in various grades, thicknesses, and with special properties such as high heat resistance or water resistance, depending on the intended use.

    Recommendations and precautions:

    - Store in a dark place away from direct light.
    - Store at a temperature of 23 ± 5 degrees Celsius.
    - Store in an area with a humidity level of 50 ± 10%.
    - Avoid contact with materials that may affect the coated chemical, such as oils, alcohol, plastics containing plasticizers, solvents, and fingerprints.