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    ESD Barcode Scanner

    ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe cleanroom barcode scanner is a specialized barcode reader designed for use in static-sensitive environments like cleanrooms in the electronics, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries where cleanliness and dust prevention are crucial.

    ESD safe cleanroom barcode scanner

    Key features:

    • ESD-safe: The materials and design of the scanner prevent the buildup and discharge of static electricity, which can damage electronic components.
    • Resistant to cleaning: It can be cleaned with disinfectants and cleaning agents commonly used in cleanrooms.
    • Dust and moisture seals: The scanner is sealed to prevent dust and moisture from entering, which can affect its performance.
    • Low-particle materials: The scanner is made of materials that do not generate dust or particles, which is crucial in cleanrooms.
    • High reading performance: It can quickly and accurately read barcodes, even in low-light conditions or on damaged barcodes.
    • Various connectivity options: It can connect to computers or other systems via USB, RS-232, or wireless connections.

    Benefits of using an ESD safe cleanroom barcode scanner:

    • Prevents damage to electronic components caused by static electricity.
    • Increases efficiency and reduces data entry errors.
    • Supports use in clean and safe environments.

    Choosing an ESD safe cleanroom barcode scanner:

    • Consider the type of barcodes you need to read (1D, 2D, or both).
    • Choose the appropriate resolution and reading speed for your needs.
    • Check the ESD certification of the scanner.
    • Compare the prices and features of different scanners from various manufacturers.

    An ESD safe cleanroom barcode scanner is a crucial tool for improving efficiency and safety in cleanrooms, especially in industries that require extra caution regarding static electricity.

    If you are looking for an ESD safe cleanroom barcode scanner, you can find more information and compare products from different manufacturers online or contact a cleanroom equipment specialist for advice.

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    Picture of UNITECH MS851 ESD-safe Laser Scanner 1D USB

    UNITECH MS851 ESD-safe Laser Scanner 1D USB

    The MS851 ESD (Electrostatic discharger) laser scanner is a high-performance device but additional designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of cleanrooms and static-safe manufacturing environments.
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