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    Signature POS all in one or set of shops that customers call the term "POS all in one" like a computer Which is specifically designed to support every program selling the storefront which is an excellent window card reactor system The device is sturdy and can be activated throughout the day. Also known as 24/7 (hrs / day), the machine is very stable, has a high IP value of 65, waterproof, dustproof, insect repellent and also equipped with a fanless cooling system (Fanless). True-Flat style helps to make color and light clear and bright. The borderless screen provides smooth and seamless touch. Supports the use of programs that are both online and offine completely.

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    SIGNATURE IT-6300 CPU Core i3 POS All In One

    All-in-one POS terminal Core i3-4330TE 2.4G, DDR3L, SO-DIMM x 4GB (Max. 8GB) Resolution 1024 x 758 True-flat Projected Resistive Touch Screen
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    SIGNATURE IT-8200 เครื่อง POS All In One

    POS machine, touch screen, LED touch screen, strong and durable design Good performance The display screen is clear. Can be tilted For ease of charging And reduce problems between customers and vendors 3-year warranty
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    SIGNATURE TM-2016 touch screen monitor

    TM-2016 touch screen, 15-inch screen size, smooth output Innovative, borderless Superior with a dustproof screen Waterproof from the front, IP65 standard, quality, durable for use in a variety of environments.
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    SIGNATURE GS-3100 Cash Drawer

    Cash drawer GS-3100, durable, made from metal The clamp is a good iron. There are 4 storage slots and 8 coin storage slots with RJ 11 connection. Can be adjusted to 5 banks, but must be informed in advance. Because if it is adjusted to 5 channels, it will not fit with the Thai bank as a japan size
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    SIGNATURE GS-6100 Cash Drawer

    Signature GS-6100 small cash drawer made from good quality steel Elegant and strong design. Signature GS-6100 cash drawer with 5 banknotes / 8 coin compartments. Connect via printer with PORT RJ11
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    SIGNATURE ICD-2002 Customer Display จอแสดงผลฝั่งลูกค้า

    จอแสดงผลฝั่งลูกค้า แสดงผลแบบ 20 ตัวอักษร 2 บรรทัด สามารถปรับระดับได้
    ฿5,200.00 ฿4,900.00
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    SIGNATURE IT-5495 POS All In One Touch screen monitor

    IT-5495 comes with a 15-inch LED screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768. True Flat Resistive touch Touch Screen
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    SIGNATURE IT-6200 CPU J900 POS All In One

    All In One POS machines, touch screen, LED screen, size   15 inches. The design is durable. Good performance The display screen is clear. Can be tilted For ease of charging
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    SIGNATURE IT-6300 Corei5 POS All In One

    All-in-one POS terminal Core-i5 DDR3L, SO-DIMM x 4GB (Max. 8GB) LCD/Touch 15" TFT LED LCD True Flat Resistive touch Resolution 1024 x 758
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