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    POSIFLEX is marketed worldwide as one of the leading brands in the industry and has established subsidiaries and offices in various countries. The factory is certified with ISO 9001/14001 as a manufacturer of receipt printers and display screens. Customers are recognized for the high level of reliability of the users. And reliable performance in all production lines Receipt and display screens for customers of Posiflex and all cash drawers. High performance, durable, all-in-one use, covering for various businesses by combining hardware, software, supplies

    POSPAK is a distributor of Posiflex products such as Slip Printer, Customer Display, Posiflex and Cash Drawer.

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    POSIFLEX CR-3100 Cash Drawer

    The CR-3100 Series is compact cash drawer. Boasting its high reliability and durability, the CR-3100 series have screw-less tamper-resistant design and robust case. It offers adjustable 5 coin and 5 bill compartments for general use.
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    POSIFLEX CR-4100 Cash Drawer

    The CR-4000 Series/CR-4100 Series is medium size cash drawer. Boasting its high reliability and durability, the CR-4000 Series/CR-4100 Series has screw-less tamper-resistant design and robust case. It offers adjustable 5 bill and fixed 9 coin compartments for general use.
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    POSIFLEX PS-3415E POS Terminal Touch Screen

    PS 3415E Intel(R) Core J1900 Quad Core CPU up to 2.42 GHz 2M Cache 4Gb DDR3L memory (RAM) Fanless with no moving parts PC POS Touch System PCAP Touch Screen (Projective Capacitive Touch) 15inch Bezel Free LCD 1024 x 768 Resolution SATA SSD plus option for second mSATA SSD storage device
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    POSIFLEX TM-3315E POS Monitor 15"

    TM-3315E 15-inch touch screen is a display screen only. Can not enter the window. Touch Screen system is a Resistive Touch. Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels can be installed on the wall for a limited counter area.
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    POSIFLEX TS-2200 Omnidirectional laser scanner

    Light Source 650nm Visible Laser Diode Supported Barcodes Autodiscriminates all standard 1D codes, GS1 Databar Family, Omnidirectional, Stacked Omnidirectional, Expanded, Expanded Stacked, runcated and Limited Depth Of Field 300mm View/Width Of Field Scan Pattern 7 directions scan field, 24 line scan pattern Minimum Element Width 0.127mm / 5 mils
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    POSIFLEX PS-3415E POS Touch Screen

    POSIFLEX PS-3415E 15-inch POS Touch Screen CPU: Intel Bay Trail J1900 Touch Screen is True-flat PCAP. 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. The device protects against water and dust. With standard protection, IP65 supports Windows 7 / POSReady 7 / Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry / Windows 10 IoT is a blank machine without Windows OS
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    POSIFLEX CR-4105 Cash Drawer USB

    The Posiflex CR-4105 newest USB cash drawer. It is wider, deeper and longer than the CR-3104. The Posiflex CR-4105 comes with 5 coin and 5 bill fixed compartments. There is a coin roll storage compartment behind the bill compartments. The Posiflex CR-4105 has a "Screwless" tamper resistant design and a special feature cushions drawer slams and protects the system. The Posiflex CR-4105 chassis and drawer have durable metal construction with high reliability and durability Posiflex CR-4105
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    POSIFLEX KB-6600 POS Keyboard

    The KB-6600 Series is the powerful programmable keyboard suitable for programming under DOS and Windows. Featuring a true spill-resistant design, the KB-6600 Series sits well in hospitality and leisure environments as well as retail. It comes with 84 programmable keys plus 6 position control keys and interface for USB or PS/2. An optional card reader to facilitate a variety of card reading solutions and provide a single integrated, easy to use solution on the counter top which helps manage the space available to store owners.
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    POSIFLEX LM-3010 จอแสดงผลฝั่งลูกค้า ( จอเสริม )

    The LM-3010 is a 9.7" LCD 2nd monitor bezel-free display with resolution up to 1024 x 768 for all XT Series & KS-7412 POS terminals.
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    POSIFLEX MR-2100 Stripe Card Reader

    MR Series Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
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    POSIFLEX PD-2608UE-B Customer Display

    The PD-2608UE is a rear-mount VFD customer display for XT Series POS terminals.
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    Posiflex PD-2800 Customer Display

    The PD-2800UE is a standalone pole mount customer display designed for discrete POS applications.
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    POSIFLEX TM-7117 Touch monitor 17"

    The TM-7117E Series is a 17" standalone touch monitor with resistive touch (TM-7117E) and IR touch (TM-7117E-IR) options. It offers flexibility via simple integration of side mounted accessories such as MSR (SD-466Z) or keypad (KP-300W). It can be wall mounted (with optional VESA mounting kit WB-6000V-B) to improve counter top space and keep customer facing areas tidy and free from clutter.
    ฿19,900.00 ฿16,900.00
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    POSIFLEX XT-3915IR POS Terminal

    Powered by Intel Bay Trail processor, the XT-3915IR features a 15” IR touch screen, beautifully sculptured slim body, and sexily curved base stand, the XT-3915IR looks right at home at any elegantly decorated store. And more than just good looks, the XT-3915IR also offers ample of performance and flexibility to satisfy the most demanding of daily POS operations.
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    POSIFLEX XT-4015 POS Terminal

    With a 15” bezel-free true-flat PCAP touch screen supporting multi-touch, beautifully sculptured slim body, sexily curved base stand, the XT-4015 fits in well with any elegantly decorated store. And more than just good looks, the XT-4015 can be equipped with the lighting fast Intel Core i7 CPU that provides ample muscle power to handle any task imaginable.
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    POSIFLEX Full Set

    เซ็ตสำหรับร้านอาหาร ร้านเครื่องดื่ม ร้านค้าทั่วไป เซ็ตใหญ่พร้อมสำหรับเปิดร้านใหม่ มีของครบ สำหรับของที่จำเป็นต้องใช้ ในการเปิดร้านใหม่ เพิ่มความสะดวกสบาย ไม่ต้องเสียเวลาค้นหา •ประกอบด้วย• -เครื่อง POS Posiflex รุ่น 3315E : 1 เครื่อง -Windows 10 OEM -โปรแกรมขายหน้าร้าน -เครื่องพิมพ์ใบเสร็จ Epson Tm-T82 : 1 เครื่อง -ลิ้นชักเก็บเงิน Posiflex Cr3100 : 1 ตัว -เครื่องสแกนบาร์โค้ด Sunlux Xl6200A : 1 เครื่อง -กระดาษใบเสร็จความร้อน 80x80 : 2 ม้วน
    ฿47,480.00 ฿45,000.00
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