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    Application solutions It is the design and creation of efficient work processes linked to technology. So that complex or repetitive tasks can be carried out more efficiently and simply. Application solutions can be customized to meet the needs of your business or organization. To match work processes and business goals Products according to application solutions from POSPAK include:
    • Warehouse management solution WMS

      Modern stock management program that uses technology to develop together. To achieve maximum benefit in stock management of businesses and stores and helps increase work efficiency quickly Reducing costs and increasing profits for entrepreneurs in the long run The program is designed to be easily understood. and not complicated Can work quickly

    • Retail store management consists of 2 important parts: Software and Computer Hardware.

             -  Software is a tool used to efficiently manage a retail store's business. This software has many features that help retailers run their businesses successfully. efficiently
             - Computer Hardware Selecting computer hardware for retail store management should consider the needs of your business and the store management software you use.

    • Identification card

      It is a document used to confirm and show a person's identity in various situations. The identity card usually contains important information about that person such as name, address, photo, identification number, and other important information. According to the announcement of the agency or government that issued the card

    • Retail store anti-theft system

      It is a type of security system that is widely used in various retail stores. It uses tags that are destroyed and removed. Can be reused To be attached to the product if the tag attached to the product is not destroyed or the signal is cut off by the signal cutter. When that product is brought through the antenna, the signal that is detecting the tag will be detected. and trigger the sound and/or light signal attached to the signal pole, warning of theft of goods. or take out products without permission

    • online meeting This online meeting solution provides video and audio conferencing. which can be divided into 2 types:


      1. A system used over the digital telephone network (ISDN), also known as H.320.
      2. Systems using Internet Protocol (IP) networks, also known as H.323