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    RFID tags and RFID Inlay labels are essential components in the RFID system used for storing information and communicating via radio waves.

    RFID Tags

    RFID tags are small devices consisting of a chip and an antenna, available as either passive RFID tags, which derive power from the reader, or active RFID tags, which have their own power source. These tags are attached to objects or individuals to store data that can be read or written by RFID readers.

    RFID Inlay Labels

    RFID inlay labels consist of an RFID chip and antenna embedded within a sticker or flexible material, creating an RFID tag that can easily be applied to products or items. Inlays come in "Dry" types, which lack adhesive backing, and "Wet" types, which include adhesive for direct application to surfaces.

    The application of both RFID tags and RFID inlay labels spans various industries, from inventory management, product tracking in supply chains, access control, product authentication, and asset management. With the capability to store specific data and the ability to read information from a distance without direct line of sight, RFID serves as an efficient tool for information management and tracking.