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    Barcode Ribbon Ink

    Barcode ribbons are used with barcode printers of all models and sizes. When printing labels with barcodes, selecting the right printer and ribbon is crucial as different types of ribbons have different properties. The choice depends on the specific usage and customer preferences. There are three types of ribbons available:

    1. Wax Ribbon: Suitable for printing on standard paper stickers, semi-gloss paper, or art paper. Ideal for applications such as name tags, price tags, barcode clothing labels, trash bin labels, retail product labels, and general product labels. Provides high-quality prints with a black-shadow effect.

    2. Wax Resin Ribbon: Suitable for printing on materials like ART Paper, BOPP, UPO, especially in industrial environments or cold storage where temperatures range from 0 to -40 degrees Celsius. Used for printing medicine labels, export product tickets, detailed stickers, and cold storage food price labels.

    3. Resin Ribbon: Suitable for printing on materials like POLY, VOID, FOIL, LAMINATE, BOPP, UPO, and PP WHITE. Resistant to scratching and peeling, suitable for various general applications. Ideal for special surface stickers with smooth and glossy surfaces, suitable for product warranty labels due to their long-lasting durability.

    Customers can order custom lengths of Wax Ribbon, Wax Resin Ribbon, or Resin Ribbon according to their needs, with production times ranging from 1 to 7 days depending on width and length requirements. Standard lengths available include 74M, 90M, 200M, 300M, 400M, and 600M, tailored to the industry and printing needs of customers. Optimal width cutting ensures the most cost-effective solution, more so than downgrading ribbon quality.

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