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    Star Micronics

    Star Micronics is a renowned global manufacturer known for its wide range of high-quality receipt printers that cater to various market needs, including retail, hospitality, and food service industries. Star Micronics receipt printers are celebrated for their innovation, reliability, durability, and ease of use. Here’s a deeper look into the features and advantages of Star Micronics receipt printers:

    1. Extensive Product Range

    Star Micronics offers a diverse portfolio of receipt printers, including direct thermal, impact, and mobile printers. This range encompasses models like the TSP100, TSP650, and SM-S230i, among others, designed to serve different business sizes and requirements, from small cafes to large retail chains.

    2. Cutting-edge Technology

    The printers leverage advanced thermal printing technology to deliver fast, high-quality printing of receipts, labels, and tickets. The TSP100 series, for example, is known for its futurePRNT technology, which simplifies setup and provides an array of unique software features aimed at enhancing the printing experience and reducing paper usage.

    3. Eco-Friendly Solutions

    Star Micronics is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly models like the TSP143IIIU ECO, which reduces paper waste with its innovative paper-saving features. These eco-friendly options help businesses minimize their environmental impact while maintaining operational efficiency.

    4. Ease of Connectivity

    With options for USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, Star Micronics printers offer flexible integration into any existing POS system. Their ability to connect with various platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows, makes them highly adaptable to different business environments.

    5. Robust and Reliable

    Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of retail and hospitality environments, Star Micronics printers are built for durability and reliability. They are tested to endure high-volume printing and long periods of operation, ensuring continuous performance during peak business hours.

    6. User-Friendly Design

    Ease of use is a key focus, with features like "drop-in and print" paper loading, LCD displays for easy operation, and intuitive interfaces. This user-friendly design reduces training time for staff and enhances overall efficiency.

    7. Innovative Features

    Star Micronics continuously innovates, incorporating features such as cloud receipt printing, web-based printing, and the ability to print from tablets and smartphones. These features allow for greater flexibility in how and where businesses can print, meeting the evolving needs of modern commerce.

    8. Global Support Network

    Star Micronics provides extensive support through its global network, including warranty services, technical support, and access to a wide range of drivers and SDKs. This ensures that businesses can maximize the use of their printers and receive prompt assistance when needed.

    In conclusion, Star Micronics receipt printers offer a compelling mix of performance, durability, and innovative features, making them a preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their transaction and receipt printing processes. With a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Star Micronics continues to be a leading name in the POS printing industry.


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    Picture of STAR MICRONICS BSC10 Thermal Printers

    STAR MICRONICS BSC10 Thermal Printers

    Star Micronics is proud to announce the launch of the BSC-10. The Star BSC-10 is a high-cost, direct thermal printing speed printer. With its simple design and easy paper loading, this printer is designed to outperform the competition in retail and hospitality environments. Its high-speed recipe processing (250mm / second), dual interface and 10cm roll capacity make it the first choice for retailers and operators in the global hospitality industry. The BSC-10 USB / Serial 25-pins or Ethernet models are available. The BSC-10 has ESC-POS ™ emulation and Bematech value configuration utility, including Windows ™ and OPOS drivers. The BSC-10 printer comes with a power supply, paper guide and a manual CD of drivers.
    THB6,690.00 incl vat
    Picture of STAR MICRONICS mC-Print2 Thermal Printers

    STAR MICRONICS mC-Print2 Thermal Printers

    The mC-Print2 is the smaller printer in the mCollection. Perfect for minimizing counter space while optimizing functionality. With a square footprint of only 96 x 115 x 100 mm, this is Star's smallest desktop printer. The mC-Print2 is 60% smaller than the TSP100III. This 2-inch thermal printer also comes with multiple connectivity options including USB, Lightning, Bluetooth, and LAN. These four connections all come from the same model, which makes this printer future-proof, giving the retailer the ability to change their POS system without needing to change the printer. Mulitple connectivity options give integrators an easy integration process through common software.
    THB7,290.00 incl vat
    Picture of STAR MICRONICS mC-Print3 Thermal Printers

    STAR MICRONICS mC-Print3 Thermal Printers

    Always leading - always innovating, Star Micronics is excited to introduce the mC-Print3TM, its new 3-inch front-loading and front-exiting printer.With the mC-Print3's compact size and fast printing speed (250 mm/sec), it is the perfect addition to any retail, restaurant, pharmacy, or grocery store, It features a wide range of software support including Windows, iOS, Android, Web, and cloud with multiple connectivity options such as USB, Lightning USB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet, and a main hub to connect peripherals including cash drawers, scanners, customer display, and scales.
    THB14,290.00 incl vat
    Picture of STAR MICRONICS SM-L200 Portable Printer

    STAR MICRONICS SM-L200 Portable Printer

    The SM-L200 2″ / 58mm Bluetooth mobile receipt and label printer is designed specifically for the growing mobile market in retail, hospitality, logistics and transportation. This super-compact mobile solution provides fast, simple connection to Apple iOS, Android, Linux and Windows Mobile device, is simple to operate and can connect using Bluetooth 4.0 to multiple devices without the need for traditional pairing.
    THB12,000.00 incl vat
    Picture of STAR MICRONICS SM-S230i เครื่องพิมพ์ใบเสร็จความร้อน แบบพกพา (PN:39632110)

    STAR MICRONICS SM-S230i เครื่องพิมพ์ใบเสร็จความร้อน แบบพกพา (PN:39632110)

    Compact, lightweight, high speed two inch Bluetooth and USB portable printer, the SM-S230i Bluetooth portable printer is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS. With Apple MFi certification, the SM-S230i can easily connect and pair with the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®.
    THB13,000.00 incl vat
    Picture of STAR MICRONICS SP742ME (Ethernet)

    STAR MICRONICS SP742ME (Ethernet)

    Everything and more in a POS Impact Printer! The low cost, high quality POS printer available today with ALL accessories and software included. STAR MICRONICS, SP700 SERIES: The Future of POS Printing Today! Paper width: 76mm (standard), 57.5mm & 69mm (with a paper guide), 4.5 Lines per second, 2 color printing, available in Gray or Putty. Features: first impact printer to be digitally signed by Microsoft for Vista and XP, Clam shell design, Virtual EB-2 USB or Ethernet Port, Rewinder option, Embedded power supply, Software developer’s kit, Everything in the box: 6ft power cord, paper guide, power switch cover, paper roll, free software solutions, set up guide. Don’t forget to order your communication cable! Drivers: CD included in the box - Windows 2k, XP, XPe, Vista, CE, OPOS, Java POS, Linux and Mac OSX (10.2 or later)
    THB11,690.00 incl vat