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    Retail Shop & Showroom

    New Experiences in Retail Stores for Adaptation and Increased Competition

    Nowadays, customers have a plethora of options to choose from. POSPAK's retail solutions for wholesale stores, coffee shops, cafes, fresh markets, food courts, and restaurants can help businesses expand, satisfy customers, increase sales opportunities and services, enhance work efficiency, and generate profit.

    Retail solutions make managing restaurants easier, more convenient, and efficient by connecting all systems together, including food ordering systems, food menu data analysis, inventory management, as well as online accounting and payment systems, which consist of:

    Barcode Scanner: Functions as an input device to the computer system similar to a keyboard. When scanning a barcode, the computer will convert the scanned data into numeric or alphanumeric information, displayed on the screen for easy understanding. Barcode scanners enhance work efficiency, speed, accuracy, replacing manual data entry and reducing errors and delays significantly.

    Point of Sale (POS) Software: The core of the POS system, responsible for storing sales data, inventory information, member data, or accumulated purchase points. Designed specifically for front-end sales operations, it's user-friendly, uncomplicated, flexible, facilitating faster sales processes, convenience, systematic work, customer satisfaction, and meeting all your needs with its simple, straightforward design.

    POS Machine: A hardware device in the form of an iPad POS or Android POS, coupled with storefront sales software. It records detailed customer purchase orders and sales data. When a customer makes a payment, the system automatically updates the stock inventory. Business owners can check the usage of materials, sales totals, and ensure the cash amount matches the cash drawer. Ideal for retail businesses.

    Receipt Printer: Used for printing receipts or slips in a compact size suitable for the job. Commonly used in convenience stores, service counters, restaurants, and general merchandise stores in malls, etc., where quick billing is required.

    Cash Drawer: Facilitates cash handling at the storefront, used in conjunction with the storefront sales program and POS Terminal.

    POS Kit for Storefront Sales: For business owners looking for a convenient, all-in-one set ready for immediate use. Simply unpack, connect the devices, turn on the machine, and our team will provide training on usage via Teamviewer, making installation convenient, time, and cost-efficient, ready to serve customers immediately.

    Retail/Restaurant Solutions offer excellent work efficiency and management to support business growth.

    Ideal for restaurants, shops, wholesale-retail, and various payment points, etc. With standards, leading brands, and a variety of models to meet the needs of every business.

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