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    StickyPOS labels

    StickyPOS labels, linerless stickers, were developed to support the rapidly changing and high-pressure business environments. These labels offer speed, cleanliness, and security over traditional paper clips and plastic tapes. They provide greater precision than manually writing customer orders, thus increasing speed and accuracy in order processing by reducing errors and enhancing operational efficiency, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and cost savings.

    STICKYPOS is a patented and proven technology that allows your staff to capture details accurately. It's the only self-cleaning label solution that ensures no adhesive residue is left on the printer heads, which could cause foul odors and also removes existing adhesive stains in printers from lower-quality label products. The result is a clean print head that operates faster, adheres to the widest variety of packaging surfaces, and leaves no excess glue. It's easily removable with maximum re-stickability, ensuring consistent print quality. The food packaging is safe: free from silicone and BPA and BPS certified for popular POS printer solutions, proven by over 8 billion sales to date.

    Advantages of StickyPOS labels:

    • 100% environmentally friendly.
    • A patented system that continuously cleans adhesive and other residues from the printer during processing.
    • Users can easily start using StickyPOS® and be assured that the printer will remain clean and the printed images sharp.
    • Easy to use and remove.
    • No need for clips or other labels.
    • No cleaning required upon removal.
    • Also eliminates the problem of bacteria remaining from adhesive residues.