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    Cash Drawer

    cash drawer is a convenience tool for managing cash transactions at the point of sale. It is used in conjunction with front-end sales software and POS (Point of Sale) terminals. There are two ways to use a cash drawer:

    1. For customers without front-end sales software, the cash drawer can be opened and closed using a key. Cash drawers are available in both 4-compartment and 5-compartment models.

    2. For customers with front-end sales software and a computer, the cash drawer will open and close automatically upon completing a transaction. This is suitable for convenience stores, restaurants, and various sales points.

    The cash drawer can be connected in two ways:

    • Directly to a thermal receipt printer using an RJ11 standard port or a telephone jack.

    • Directly to a computer using a USB port, serial port, or parallel port. Customers must have software to open the drawer.

    **Note: After connecting the drawer to the receipt printer, customers must configure the printer settings to open the drawer after or before printing a receipt.

    Features and Benefits of the Cash Drawer:

    • Cash Security: Enhances cash security at stores or businesses with a lock or key system for accessing the cash inside the drawer.

    • Convenience in Cash Storage: Offers coin and bill slots for efficient and convenient cash storage.

    • Accuracy in Cash Handling: Facilitates accurate recording of cash received from sales, simplifying accounting and financial reporting processes.

    • Electrical Connectivity: Some cash drawer models offer electrical connectivity to work with POS systems or other payment systems.

    • Durability: Designed to withstand frequent opening and closing and to endure various environmental conditions.

    • Value for Money: An affordable investment for cash management in businesses.

    • Cash Reconciliation: Assists in the cash reconciliation process at the end of the day or payment cycle, allowing for error and anomaly detection.

    • Management Ease: Aids in systematic cash management, reducing errors in cash receiving and change giving processes.

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