Cash Drawer

Cash drawers are one of the core components to every Point of Sale System.Cash drawers can be printer or terminal driven. Let us make sure you get the right cabling to connect to your receipt printer.We also carry lighted cash drawers perfect for you mart or Checkout.

There are 2 types

  1. IF you do not have a Pos Solfware. You’ll open the drawer with the keys. The drawer has 4 slots and 5 slots.

  2. When you have Pos software and computers. You’ll close - open the drawer when you complete the transaction. For convenience stores, restaurants and points of sale. 

There are 2 types of drawers. 1. Connect directly to the thermal receipt printer, which is connected with a standard RJ11 port or telephone jack. 2. Connect directly to the computer by using the usb port serial port or the paralliel port. Customers must have a program to open the drawer.

  ***When you connect the jack to the receipt printer, you must set up the printer to open the drawer after printing the receipt or before printing the receipt with the drawer to be opened.

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