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    Set POS for Wongnai

    We provide POS system sets compatible with Wongnai / Loyverse. If customers already have an iPad or Tablet and the Wongnai / Loyverse application but lack the peripheral devices to set up their shop, POSPAK has prepared a set for you. You can be confident that these peripherals are compatible and have been tested for connectivity with your device.

    Our set includes the following devices:

    • An automatic cash drawer for securing cash sales, enhancing safety, and preventing loss of money through system checks.
    • A receipt printer for printing sales receipts for customers, reducing wait times, speeding up the sales process, and allowing immediate verification of the sale's accuracy.
    • Thermal paper size 80 x 80 mm, 2 rolls.

    Wongnai offers a comprehensive restaurant management system that facilitates efficient and convenient management for all types of restaurants, enabling real-time sales tracking anywhere, anytime. It frees restaurant owners from the need to be present at their establishment every day and supports taking LINE MAN delivery orders directly on the device.

    POSPAK provides a POS solution for use with Wongnai today, eliminating the hassle of incompatible equipment. No need to worry about setting up on your own or incurring additional costs. We have selected POS machines, receipt printers, cash drawers, and thermal paper that are compatible and meet the retail business needs. The package comes with programming, post-sale support, consultations for any operational issues, and complete instructional manuals and videos.

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    Picture of ชุดอุปกรณ์ ต่อพ่วง iPad  หรือ Tablet (สำหรับแอป Wongnai / แอป Loyverse) STAR TSP-143III

    ชุดอุปกรณ์ ต่อพ่วง iPad หรือ Tablet (สำหรับแอป Wongnai / แอป Loyverse) STAR TSP-143III

    ชุดนี้เหมาะสำหรับลูกค้าที่มี iPad หรือ Tablet (Android) และต้องการใช้ แอป Wongnai หรือ แอป Loyverse ประกอบด้วย 1. เครื่องพิมพ์ใบเสร็จความร้อน STAR รุ่น TSP-143III 2. ลิ้นชักเก็บเงิน MAKEN รุ่น MK-420 3. กระดาษความร้อน ขนาด 80 x 80 มิลลิเมตร 2 ม้วน
    THB9,390.00 incl vat