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    Card Reader

    Card reader is a device that reads information on a card and converts it into electrical signals sent to a computer. It reads in binary numbers with 12 bits (from the 12 rows on the card) and converts them into binary numbers with 6 or 8 bits (according to the computer's format). There are two types of card readers: those using metal brushes and those using photoelectric tubes. The card reader accurately reads data, with the principle of operation being the extraction of information from the inserted card, including name, address, date of birth, facial features, and card issue date. Additionally, it can link to other programs to store data, such as a database specific to each location, supported by compatible software.

    There are three types of card readers: RFID card reader, Smart Card Reader, and Magnet Reader.

    PayWave card reader uses radio wave communication called "NFC," short for Near Field Communication. This technology has been modified to allow touch-based payment within close proximity for secure transactions within a range not exceeding 10 centimeters. NFC-equipped devices are commonly found in smartphones running Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

    High-quality card readers cater to various uses, meeting industry standards and providing efficiency across leading global brands. They are well-suited for businesses seeking convenience in operations, offering precision in data reading and swift performance to serve as professional tools for your business needs.

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    Picture of ZOWEETEK ZW-12026-1 Smart Card Reader เครื่องอ่านบัตรสมาร์ทการ์ด

    ZOWEETEK ZW-12026-1 Smart Card Reader เครื่องอ่านบัตรสมาร์ทการ์ด

    ZW-12026-1 is a smart card reader such as an ID card and general card in accordance with ISO 7816 standard, which is connected by USB 2.0. Beautiful, stylish, compact, lightweight, easy to carry.
    THB690.00 incl vat THB379.00 incl vat