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POSPAK Online part of MARKPAK Limited.

Trade registration in Thailand Registration number VAT  number: 0105550075295 

Address: 568/4 Soi Ladprao 112 (Eiamsomboon) Ladprao Road, Plubpla, Wang Thonglang Bangkok 10310



To respond to the changing world of communication technology and consumer behavior today. Website by MARKPAK Limited. on behalf of the importer. Shop for more than 10 years experience has been accepted and trusted. In the standard product. To customers ranging from general to large scale. The company also sees the importance of SMEs in Thailand to use the equipment for opening high quality stores from leading brands. At a reasonable price and do not have to bear the MOQ too. We have created POSPAK.COM to help promote all kinds of industries. To be more effective,, starting from 2011 until now.


POSPAK.COM's products are imported to open the door. According to customer needs and It is a requirement of the general business unit.


Company Overview

Facilities Customers who want to use electronics. The most effective. With world class brands.

ISO STANDARD : ISO 9001:2015  ISO 14001: 2015 by SGS


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