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    CITIZEN Receipt Printers: A Reliable Partner for Your Business Looking for a durable, fast, and clear receipt printer for your business? CITIZEN offers the CT-D150 and CT-S601II thermal receipt printers designed to meet all your business needs.

    Key features of CITIZEN receipt printers:

    • Sharp: Prints at a high resolution of 203 dpi for clear and easy-to-read Thai text.
    • Fast: Prints receipts quickly at speeds of up to 250 mm/second.
    • Durable: Strong construction made of high-quality materials for long-lasting use.
    • Easy to use: Convenient connectivity with USB, LAN, and Bluetooth support.
    • Cost-effective: Affordable prices with various models to suit businesses of all sizes.

    CITIZEN is committed to quality:

    • 1-year warranty CITIZEN service centers nationwide Don't wait! Choose CITIZEN receipt printers for your business and experience clear, fast, and durable printing.

    Benefits of using CITIZEN receipt printers for your business:

    1. Increased efficiency:

    • Quick receipt printing reduces waiting time, ideal for businesses with high customer traffic.
    • Saves time, allowing employees to serve customers faster.
    • Minimizes errors with accurate and clear receipt printing.

    2. Enhanced image:

    • Prints sharp and attractive receipts, impressing customers.
    • Demonstrates professionalism and reliability.
    • Attracts customers to return for more business.

    3. Data management:

    • Records sales data for analysis and business planning.
    • Tracks sales, inventory, and expenses.
    • Controls costs and optimizes profits.

    4. Increased business opportunities:

    • Supports coupon, discount, and promotion printing to boost sales.
    • Prints labels and stickers to add value to products.
    • Connects to POS systems for efficient business management.

    Examples of businesses that use CITIZEN receipt printers:

    • Retail stores, restaurants, cafes
    • Supermarkets, department stores
    • Hospitals, clinics
    • Banks
    • Hotels
    • Companies, shops

    CITIZEN receipt printers are essential tools for increasing efficiency, enhancing image, managing data, and expanding business opportunities. They are ideal for businesses of all sizes.

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    Picture of CITIZEN CT-D150 เครื่องพิมพ์ใบเสร็จความร้อน (USB + LAN) สำหรับเครื่อง POS -----แทนรุ่น CITIZEN CT-S601II

    CITIZEN CT-D150 เครื่องพิมพ์ใบเสร็จความร้อน (USB + LAN) สำหรับเครื่อง POS -----แทนรุ่น CITIZEN CT-S601II

    The sophisticated CT-D150 is a compact POS printer that features a unique and contemporary design. It fits seamlessly in small spaces and features front exit printing at a resolution of 203 dpi for receipts. With an impressive print speed of 250mm per second, the CT-D150 is an essential entry class printer for users who value modern aesthetics and are looking for a stylish and high performance printer to suit trendy shops, bars and restaurants.
    THB6,250.00 incl vat