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    SUNLUX is dedicated to. SUNLUX never stop surprising. After introduction of handfree barcode scanner, omnidirectional barcode scanner and wireless barcode scanner, big investment have been made to developa new data collector, which possesses functions such as 1D and 2D barcode collecting, RFID reading, computer and 3G mobile phone is all in one. SUNLUX have achieved very high recognition in various markets.Its products are widely used in industry, commerce, taxation, national defence, transportation, finance, health care and postal sectors.

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    SUNLUX XL-2000 Omni-directional Barcode Scanner

    SUNLUX XL-2000 1 dimensional desktop laser barcode reader, USB connection, just plug in, ready to use immediately Can be used in a variety of businesses Both retail-wholesale, factory, pharmacy, book store, bill payment
    ฿4,200.00 ฿3,900.00
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    SUNLUX XL-2300 Barcode Scanner

    With auto sensing in Alipay,Wechat pay. Delivers effortless and accurate reading of barcodes. Capable of reading 1D&2D barcodes printed on paper. Capable of reading 1D&2D barcodes off mobile phones. Applications at Mobile Payment,POS system, E-tickets vertification.
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    SUNLUX XL-3100 2D Barcode Sanner USB

    Suit for all POS systems IP54 standard and withstand 1.5M drops Supporting the RS232 and USB interface Read barcode symbology on phone screen Read all major 1D and 2D barcode symbologies
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    SUNLUX XL-5500 Barcode Scanner

    Easy to operate, plug and play Decode rate reach 300 times/second Support manual and continuous scanning Actively indentify the 1D barcode on screen Widely used in Alipay, SamsungPay and Apple Pay High resolution, longer D.O.F and stronger decoder ability
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    SUNLUX XL-6200A Barcode Scanner Auto

    Rugged and stylish design Quick and fluent reading performance Laser scanner with auto scan and bracket Bracket disassembled to saving shipping cost With IP54 waterproof and dustproof protection
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    SUNLUX XL-9309 Barcode Scanner 1D

    300m communication distance Simple pairing by scanning one code 1 base frame can support 99 scanners Ensure 100% succesful data transmission With memory, can store 100,000 ENA-13 code Full independent intellectual property rights One full charge support 100,000 times scanning
    ฿3,290.00 ฿2,990.00
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    SUNLUX XL-9310 Barcode Scanner

    1 base frame can support 99 scanners IP54 standard and withstand 1.5M drops Wireless induction charge without cable With memory card inserted in scannerand can store 100000 EAN-13 barcode The communication distance on open places is 600m
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    SUNLUX XL-9528 Barcode Scanner (USB)

    Large Capacity Battery 2200mAh IP65 standard and Withstand 2M drops Wireless induction charge without cable 600M Communication distance on open places Idea for warehouse and industrial environment use
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    SUNLUX XL-5500A Barcode Scanner Auto

    Easy to operate, plug and play. Decode rate reaches 300 times/second. Actively indentify the 1D barcode on screen. Widely used in Alipay, SamsungPay and Wechat Pay. Support manual, continuous and automatic scanning.
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    SUNLUX XL-9529 Barcode Scanner 2D

    Barcode Scanner 2D laser barcode reader There are alarms and vibrations. Tell the working status of the machine with the automatic charging system dock. Support working distance 600 meters in the open area With a battery of 2,200 mAh
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