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    Hard Disk and Solid State Drive

    Hard disk (HDD: Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid state Drive).

    Hard disk (HDD: Hard Disk Drive) is a permanent data storage device that is responsible for storing data within the computer such as operating systems, programs, files, documents. The hard disk is a magnetic plate that will rotate quickly when starting work.

    SSD: Solid state drive is a device that uses an integrated circuit chip that combines into memory instead of a magnetic plate. To store data permanently like a hard disk

    SSD (SSD) is a new technology that people are paying a lot of attention to. It is something that shows the technological progress of main memory. Switching to SSD (SSD) does not improve the performance a little, but it is different to the hard disk (HDD) clearly. SSD (SSD) will change the performance of the computer. You go in a much better way.

    Hard disk (HDD) data recording is not different from recording to cassette at all. Because both of them have to use the recording substance, which is the same magnetic substance This magnetic substance can be erased or rewritten at all times. If you have seen inside the hard disk (HDD), it will be like a record player but the internal SSD will not have any parts. Moving Like a hard disk (HDD), allowing access to data within the drive quickly and with high accuracy